We Shot the Brits!

Haha, calm down and read through before you jump to conclusions with that headline! Not a clickbait, but this post is definitely about Britishers and Shooting.

What do I mean, you ask? So let me rope you in.

Sometime last year, we did a couple shoot for a British couple visiting Mumbai. Hailing from a city north of London (ummm unable to recollect which one specifically), this was their second trip to India. And to mark a moment for this trip, me along with my team at Simple By Supraket and Blockbuster Weddings, stole some travel time to capture them stroll the streets of South Mumbai.

We chose South Mumbai for the British architecture to set the scene for this shoot. And oh boy, the decision to shoot there worked wonders! Emma and Sam just blended in the location perfectly!

Most of the Pre-Wedding Couple shoot pictures that you would have come across must have been all bright and lit. I wanted to try a different route by capturing the shadows more than the light. Not many would appreciate such a theme, so let me know in the comments below of what do you think of the theme? Feel free to give in your opinion. Each of us are learning, and probably your opinion might help me learn something new!

Okay, without wasting any further time, let me start with the pictures and we’ll talk in between. And yes, do check through the blog completely because we have a video of the couple towards the end.

Starting our day at Gateway of India, we welcomed the sun as it rose from the mountains ahead. Capturing the rising with a tint of smile on Emma’s face was delighting.

But a little more delight appeared when I thought to include the new guest in the frame.

That tiny beam of light which fell on their face in this silhouette gave out the laughter. A wider shot of the previous one.

Moving on, some walking shots by the Gateway of India and embracing each other by The Taj Mahal Hotel.

If you’ve landed up in Mumbai, been to the Gateway of India and haven’t clicked a photo with the docked board that says “Mumbai”, have you really been to the Gateway at all? And thus the iconic board to the gateway of India set a perfect composition to click the couple’s photo.

Post that photo, while I was reviewing some of my shots, the couple took that breather to snuggle up. Ah, how could I miss such a candid moment, and got back to my business of clicking pictures!

So I tried the silhouette here, by the Gateway of India. With the strong sun rays coming right in my eyes, I was struggling to click these pictures. Yet managed to, somehow. I might have missed to capture some of the important details here, though if you were to choose one among the three images, which would you choose? Let me know in the comments below?

Walking past the Gateway, encountered these hanging bushes, and they made way for a perfect composition to include the couple.

The following picture was so like “Ae, Aati kya Khandala” pose! I had to tell Emma, and it took me a while to explain her the term. Seems as if Emma is asking out Sam, is it not?

Phew. We were tired of roaming around the streets of South Mumbai since the break of dawn, and so it was a high time we took a break. But look at the love-birds, didn’t take the eyes off their partner throughout the break!

I suppose the much deserved rest went far too long and by the time we got back to the shoot, it was bright outside. Though the sun’s glare didn’t discourage their desire to get some more pictures. And this time it was time to have some fun, some laughter galore.

Of course, I was ready with my camera to capture these personal moments.

While I was clicking the snuggly moments in the middle of the road, wherein both of them were comfortable in each other’s company (and mine as well), Sam did something unexpected. Neither Emma knew what was coming, nor I, who was so close to the couple!

Yeah, all of a sudden he lifted Emma, and turned her upside down! Of course he wouldn’t topple her over, holding her tight. That’s how the love is, I suppose. Not letting your partner fall off, and you try to hold on to them as tightly as possible.

And too much masti was enough to tire them again. And it was almost a pack-up, when we noticed them enjoying each other’s company. We thought might as well capture the scene.

So took out the cameras and captured the mushy pictures before calling it a day. Probably one of the best picture to conclude the shoot with. The way either of them complimented each other, seemed they were and are meant to be together

To finally conclude, we enjoyed shooting the couple. I assumed they enjoyed us capturing their little time in front of our cameras. Emma & Sam, do let us know in the comments below about your experience of this shoot?

In the meantime, as promised in the beginning, find the moving visuals of all the pictures above here.
In one of the frames of the video you’ll find me, clicking the couple’s pictures. Spotted me already? Let me know in the comments below with the exact moment where I appear in the video!

And with that, I, Supraket, along with my team Goldy and Akshay shall sign off this blog. Do come to us and say a hello if you spot us shooting somewhere randomly. We’d appreciate it!

Stay Super, Stay Simple!

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