KTM Rides: Mumbai to Gir

Client KTM
industry Automobile
Delivered in 2023


1200 kms. 10 riders. 3 days of amazing bike riding in the stunning landscapes from Mumbai to Gir. This was the experience that the KTM Goregaon Local Riding Group sought to capture and share with their community. The result was a captivating video showcase that not only highlighted the exhilarating journey but also inspired potential members to join future rides. This case study delves into the creation of this impactful video.

The local chapter of KTM Goregaon, a renowned motorcycle brand, organized a three-day bike ride covering a distance of 1200 kilometers from Mumbai to Gir. Our task was to create a video that would capture the essence of this adventurous journey, highlighting the exhilarating experience of the riders and the scenic beauty of the route.

Our team joined the riders on their journey, equipped with high-quality cameras and drones to capture the event from multiple perspectives. We filmed the riders as they navigated through diverse terrains, their interactions during breaks, and the breathtaking landscapes they passed over the course of three days. The video also captured the comfortable stays with barbecues, the taste of the local cuisine, and the exciting pit stops.

The post-production process involved careful selection and editing of the footage to craft a narrative that would convey the excitement and camaraderie of the ride. We incorporated music and graphics to enhance the overall impact of the video.

The final video showcase effectively captured the spirit of the KTM group bike ride, from the thrill of the journey to the bonds formed among the riders. It served as a powerful promotional tool for KTM, inspiring potential customers and reinforcing the brand’s association with adventure and community. The video received positive feedback from viewers, with many expressing their interest in participating in future rides.

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